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Email: d s r g {at} cs wpi edu Group meeting:
Time: Thursdays 12-1pm
Place: Beckett Conference Room, Fuller Labs 246
All are welcome to attend!


Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609


Experiment Data Sets

  1. Stock Market Dataset
  2. Experiment Database for Fire Science
  3. R-Tree Portal dataset
  4. Network-based Generator of Moving Objects
  5. Intel Lab Data
  6. Real Data Streams (see Download section)
  7. Stocks, News, Currency dataset (Query Mesh) (soon to come)
  8. Synthetic dataset (Query Mesh) (soon to come)
  9. CRAWDAD data sets
  10. IBM RFID Traceability Data Generator

Online Outlier Exploration Over Large Datasets

A talk by Lei Cao on "Online Outlier Exploration Over Large Datasets" from KDD'15.


Search for Computer Science Authors and Publications, simple search, has links to authors' homepages.

The Collection of CS Bibliographies

A meta-database pulling many online bibliographies together. Huge database and BIBTeX entries for all papers.


Allows search for forward references, i.e., if you have a paper, you can search who cites that paper. A comprehensive database. Some links to online versions of papers and authors' homepages.


A free computer science bibliography search engine. It integrates CSB, DBLP, ACM Digital Library, ScienceDirect, CiteSeer, and Google. For more information on this search engine, click at About BibFinder



The Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library provides a search interface for Technical Reports. Connects to the ftp-Server of the TR's home university.

New England Database Society

Database Researchers from Industry and Academia from the New England Area Meeting on a MonthyBasis

Advice for (Computer) Scientists.

Much Advise on Research, Writing and Speaking Effectively.

Advice: Why do a Ph.d?

How to apply to Graduate School? And much more advice to found starting here.